Vin Diesel’s Chronicles of Riddick Goggles

July 1, 2009 under Costume Goggles

One of the coolest pair of glasses worn in a movie has got to be the pair that Vin Diesel wears in Pitch Black and the Chronicles of Riddick. Riddick has to wear the goggles to protect his eyesight during the day because he has had his vision altered to give him superior night vision. It presents a pretty cool effect in the movie when Riddick takes his goggles off and you can either see what his eyes look like (they have a metallic shine to them) or you can see how he sees in the darkness.

Alas, there's no licensed version of the Riddick goggles available. So either you will have to make your own, or you can buy a pair that someone else has made. The materials themselves are quite cheap as they appear to be made from just rubber and the lenses. The big issues if finding the right pattern to follow. Try taking a look at this pair of goggles to see if that can help you out. That set looks really awesome!

The first movie, Pitch Black, remains my favorite. Here's the trailer. You should buy the DVD, it's awesome!